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Giving Thanks While Being Green

Written by: Clay Miller

pilgrims part of thanksgiving is good food green pilgrim hat

In the spirit of the pilgrims who had the first Thanksgiving celebration; they also didn't leave a carbon footprint. The meal consisted of all food that everyone grew or raised. It is also believed that they didn't use plastic forks, ha ha. It may seem to be a little tougher for you to be as green as them, but there are some things that we all can do.

  • if you do get a turkey, you can buy an organic free-range turkey, one that was not caged, or one that is from a local market or both
  • if you are a vegetarian you can substitute many food items for turkey, like soy products
  • try to buy as much organic foods as you can (fruits and vegetables, meat, milk, etc.); you can find them at local markets and in stores
  • contact your local food bank before Thanksgiving and you can donate your leftover food; you'll help those in your community less fortunate
  • use biodegradable plates and eating utensils if possible
  • decorate your house with items you already have or from outside; fall leaves, acorns, dried flowers and other items can be used to make your home more festive
  • if someone you know needs to fly for Thanksgiving, look into carbon offsets; go to Carbonfund.org and offset the travel by funding alternative energy programs
  • compost your food scraps; if you haven't composted before go here
  • find out more about the 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge
  • lastly, have a great Thanksgiving; the pilgrims would be happy

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving motif

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