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Go Green With Food & Health

Written by: Clay Miller

tap water is a good thing

There are many ways to do healthy things for yourself while being eco-friendly. Here are a few:

  • if you drink bottled water, fill the bottle from the tap more often instead of using a new plastic bottle every time; of course recycle the plastic bottles that you do use
  • use cosmetics and personal care products that are made from natural ingredients; some may contain plastic and that is not good for you or the environment
  • use household cleaners that are more natural; some cleaners can be harmful to pets and humans
  • look for organic foods (fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, etc.) at your grocery store; commercially grown foods may contain hormones, pesticides and other harmful substances

Grow your own organic food

  • buy local food; look into community gardens; also, look for local farmer's markets where locally grown fruits and vegetables are sold; more are popping up everywhere; this food didn't travel long distances to get to you which reduces cost and effects on the environment; plus you are helping your local farmers
  • fruits and vegetables in general are better for you than processed foods which have a huge negative impact on the environment
  • literally eat green foods; they contain chlorophyll which can boost your immunity and is an anti-inflammatory
  • learn your personal daily food guide pyramid; go to ChooseMyPlate.gov

click to learn your personal daily food guide

  • get an Aloe Vera plant; they are a great and unique house plant; it is helpful on your burns and cuts
  • plant a tree; you can't have too much oxygen
  • when the weather is nice, unplug your treadmill and go to your local park and walk, bike, jog or run outside; if you can add your dog to the mix it will benefit both of you

Walking your dog is green for both of you

  • don't waste your time and gas trying to find the nearest parking space, find an open space and walk a few extra steps
  • grow some bamboo, it's the green wonder plant
  • if you have the room start a garden; growing your own vegetables is a great hobby and you control what goes into your food
  • drink to your health; there are now organic vodka; an example is TRU Vodka; go here to learn more

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