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Go Green at Work

Written by: Clay Miller

use the printer only when you must . . .save the trees!

  • save the trees! Whenever possible go paperless; only print when absolutely necessary, email instead; you may be surprised how much paper you use daily
  • Save on paper by not printing your documents out and using Dell cloud computing to help store all your data accessible from any computer anywhere you are at.
  • Use a cloud-based system when possible, such as the cloud accounting software offered by Intuit
  • when you do print on paper, use recycled paper
  • for Green and Eco-friendly business cards visit MOO.com
  • power-down your computer when finished for the day
  • play games with co-workers and conserve energy by playing bingo on your mobile
  • unplug unused electronics (calculators, printers, etc.)
  • use Energy Star office equipment; you can find them here
  • walk or bike to work if possible; you'll save money (less gas use and less wear and tear on your vehicle); needless to say the reduction in air pollution
  • if you can't walk or bike to work, carpooling is the next best thing

Carpooling is a great way to save money and be green

  • go to Zimride, The Carpool Community, to look into carpooling in your area
  • if possible, work from home; how does zero gas usage sound?; with all of that time at home you'll have to learn how to go green at home
  • some businesses are converting to four day 10 hour work weeks; this will cut down on transportation and energy costs
  • there are now pens and pencils made from recycled materials; it is better to get refillable pens rather than disposable ones

Plants in the workplace are more than just some extra oxygen

  • add plants to your workplace; they spruce things up and you get a little more oxygen and a little less carbon dioxide
  • use CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) and LED desk lamps
  • use reusable bowls, dishes and cups when eating at work

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