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Have a Green Halloween

Written by: Clay Miller

green ghost

No, this doesn't mean you have to dress to look like Al Gore. You can be who you want to be and be green at the same time.

Below are ways to have a safe night and also give a treat to the environment.

  • make costumes out of recycled and/or reused materials; you can be clever and make use of clothes you don't wear that are in your closet now
  • email Halloween party invitation instead of paper invitations
  • use reusable bags for the candy (e.g. canvas bags, pillow cases)

cat and bat jack-o-lantern

  • buy pumpkins and apples and anything you can from local markets
  • use only organic food in your Halloween meals; organic is food grown with no pesticides, no fertilizers, no antibiotics and no artificial hormones
  • walk, don't drive if you can
  • wear light colored clothing and something reflective
  • plant a tree; autumn is a great time to plant just about anything

ooooo . . . scary!

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