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Put Some 'Green' In Your 4th of July

Written by: Clay Miller

4th of July

The day of July 4th is a great celebration that represents the United States of America's independence. For an American, it's obviously a special day indeed. There are a few ways to make the day even more special without taking away from the festivities. Being a little more eco conscious while planning your July 4th will do just that. Here are a few ways to have a more eco-friendly July 4th:

  • if you will be hosting a get together, email your 4th of July invitations instead of mailing them; this will cut down on the paper and will you save money
  • wherever you are if at all possible have your celebration outside; give your air conditioning a break and enjoy the great outdoors
  • instead of buying a centerpiece cut flowers from your garden or yard and make a nice live arrangement for your table, inside or outside.
  • if grilling with a charcoal grill try you could use organic or natural lump brands instead of charcoal
  • natural gas grills are the most energy-efficient grills and infrared grills heat up quickly and they use the least amount of gas
  • gas grill corn on the cob and kabobs on the grill . . . Yum!

  • choose USDA certified local grass-fed or organic meat; if you are a vegetarian you could get certified organic soy products, even hotdogs and burgers.
  • another meal idea are kabobs; believe me, they are a crowd pleaser; get bamboos skewers and get veggies, mushrooms, meat and whatever else you want
  • don't forget the corn on the cob! which can even be prepared on the grill
  • support your local community by buying for food from local growers and producers or even better serve food that you have grown from your very own vegetable garden
  • don't use plastic, use reusable or recycled plates and eating utensils
  • fireworks are not eco-friendly at all, so if you want to see a bunch of fireworks you could go to a nearby show; Environmentally Friendly Fireworks And Other Pyrotechnics
  • vegetables plant a tree

  • you and your family could celebrate at a state park; they always have events throughout the summer; find the state parks near you here
  • use the 4th of July as an excuse to plant a tree; make it a family project

Just doing two or more of the above items will help you to have a 'greener' 4th of July. These are things to think about throughout the year on other occasions you have people over to your home. Have a fantastic 4th of July!

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